18-11-2021 : Governor has extended greetings on the occasion of Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev and Kartik Purnima.

    Publish Date: November 18, 2021

    Rajbhawan, Dehradun, 18 November, 2021

    Governor Lt Gen Gurmit Singh (Retd) said that this Prakash Parv inspires us to follow the path shown by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and apply his teachings in life. The basic mantra of ‘Ik Onkar Sat Naam’ in his teachings is deeply inspiring. His teachings reflecting the principles of goodness, compassion, justice and the spirit of equality are going to guide the entire human race. His teachings are going to fill people’s lives with light and show them a new path.

    Governor said that Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message of ‘Naam Japo, Kirat Karo’ contains the essence of all his teachings. His holy teachings are inspiring for all of us. His teachings are going to cherish the unity of the society. The holy teachings of Guru Maharaj have taught the art of living life with the spirit of fraternity and harmony. His luminous life has given Indian society a unique lifestyle of social harmony, free from discrimination. It has given a vision to see all human beings equally, without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and gender. The essence of life is found by considering his teachings deeply.

    Governor Lt Gen Gurmit Singh (Retd) said that Guru Nanak Dev ji showed the path of service to the society and inspired to work hard and honestly while performing duties. He has made every person aware of living a life based on self-respect. Has given a new consciousness to Indian society and culture. His spiritual philosophy is to inspire the person for social thought and service.

    Governor said that this land of Uttarakhand is dedicated to the spread of such holy teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This land of Uttarakhand is the rich land of Guru tradition. Hem Kund Sahib, the divine place of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the center of the miraculous power of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Reetha Sahib, Nanakmatta Sahib and many holy places of the Guru Parampara are spreading the teachings of Guru Maharaj on this land of Uttarakhand.

    Governor said that every Sikh is expected to offer prayers at these holy Sikh pilgrimage places located in Uttarakhand. Every year a large number of Sangat come to Uttarakhand on the journey of Hemkund Sahib from many places even after taking a pledge to visit Hem Kund Sahib, the holy place of Gurus located in the Himalayas. This journey of Hem Kund Sahib used to be difficult but now with the expansion of roads on the mountains it has become convenient. It is a matter of pleasure that the ropeway is being constructed till Hemkund Sahib. Now Sikh devotees from all over the world will be able to visit Hemkund Sahib conveniently.

    Governor said that on this holy festival, let us all take a pledge to carry forward the holy traditions with deep faith. Let us resolve to dedicate ourselves to fulfill the dream of a just, inclusive and harmonious society on the path shown by Guru Maharaj. Take a pledge to bring this festival of lights in your life.