Brief Introduction

    Brief – Rajbhawan Golf Course Nainital
    Rajbhawan Golf Course was developed in the year 1926, during ‘RAJ’ days as a part of the 220 acre Raj Bhawan estate also known as Government House. This course was the exclusive preserve of the erstwhile United Province and subsequently Uttar Pradesh. In the year 1994, the course was opened to the public. In Nov. 2000, after the creation of Uttaranchal(now Uttarakhand), the golf Course became a part of residence of the Governor of new state.

    The course itself is a connoisseur’s delight. It is a short par 61 course with the regulation 18 holes and 18 Tees covering a distance of about 3.2 kms. What the course lacks in length makes-up for the other technical challenges including the use of browns instead of the obligatory greens on 13 holes. It has combination of Greens and Browns. Preferred lie is permitted in fairways. Added to that the fact that on many holes one is driving up or down a hillside with no possibility of sighting the hole till the very edge of the green and one begins to treat the course with the respect it deserves.

    Set in a lush and pristine mixed forest, the course is also a nature lover’s delight with many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna in residence. In May 2002, warning sign had to be posted to accommodate an anxious mother and her two new members of the leopard family delivered somewhere on the fairways, that is an exclusive hazard available to a very few golf courses in the world.
    At present the facilities at Golf Course consist of a cozy clubhouse earlier known as Vohra Pavilion and there are two other Pavilions (Governor’s Pavilion & Heally’s Pavilion) strategically located to provide rest and panorama to straining golfers.

    In the year 1994, the course was opened to the public and subsequently ‘Uttar Pradesh Raj Bhavan Golf Club’ was formed with following aims and objectives :-

    To promote golf amongst the officers and staff of Raj Bhawan
    To organise golf tournaments.
    To maintain and develop the golf course and surrounding area of Raj Bhawan, Nainital.
    After the creation of Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand), the golf Course became a part of residence of the Governor of the new State and subsequently a new society (Uttaranchal Raj Bhawan Golf Club) was formed with following aim and objectives:-

    To promote sports culture.
    To promote tourism by organising sporting events
    Rajbhawan Golf Club is located in the Reserve Forest area and club house, which was the forest guard house, called “Van Chetna Kendra” renamed as “Vora Pavilion”, popularly known as club house.

    MEMBERSHIP OF THE CLUB:- Except for the Founder members and Associate Members of the club, no new membership is being granted. Only ‘Permission to Play’ is being granted w.e.f. 30-11-2009.

    HONORARY MEMBERS – Following are the Honorary Members of RBGC (Raj Bhawan Golf Club):

    Chief Minister of Uttarakhand
    Chief Justice of Uttarakhand
    Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand
    GOC- in – C, Central Command
    GOC UP Area
    Director General of Police, Uttarakhand
    All present and former members of Executive Committee.
    Fee for Permission to play –
    Golfer might be granted ‘Permission to play’ only by paying the Annual Subscriptions as prevailing from time to time. At present the subscription rate are Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 3000/- per year for the Civilians and Defence/State Govt. officers respectively.”

    Fee for Couples & Children-
    If husband and wife both seek Permission to Play, then a discount of 25 % and for Chlildren ( Upto 18 years of age) a discount of 50% may be considered after getting approval from the President. (For the Children above the age of 18 years)- 25% of the parent’s entry fee as non refundable entry fee with a discount of 25% on the yearly subscription.


    1. All service and retired personnel of Defense services and Uttarakhand Government Rs.150
    2. Others :-
      1. Non-IGU members-   Rs-250/-(on week days)
        Rs-300/-(on week ends & holidays)
      2. IGU Associate members-Rs-200/-( on week days)Rs-250/-(on week ends & holidays)
      3. ForeignersRs- 800/-All days.
      4. LadiesRs. 100/- All days.


    The following are the Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee of the Club.

    1. President  – H.E. the Governor of Uttarakhand.
    2. Vice-President – Secretary to Governor Uttarakhand.
    3. Secretary  – ADC-P to Governor
    4. Treasurer – Finance Officer/Controller to Governor
    5. Members – Legal Advisor to Governor, ADC-A to Governor, Comptroller, Chief Security Officer

    The Governor’s Golf Cup tournament is organized every year during the month of May/June. Golfers are invited from all over the country.