13-05-2021:Governor has praised the women’s group Tejaswini Business Association.

    Publish Date: May 13, 2021

    Governor Smt. Baby Rani Maurya has praised Tejaswini Business Association, a group of women in Dehradun for distributing free food and medical kits to COVID-19 patients and their families. On Thursday, Governor Smt. Maurya encouraged these women through phone. The Governor said that in this global calamity of Covid-19 epidemic, all capable people should come forward to help the needy patients and their families. Everyone should help the affected as much as possible according to their capacity. Working women and housewives also came forward with enthusiasm in the work of serving and helping the affected. Governor Smt. Maurya suggested that those desirous of providing assistance to the affected may reach out to as many people as possible through digital platforms. Social media has an important role in this work.
    It is noteworthy that free food, medical kit, oxygen and plasma are being arranged by Tejaswani Business Association, a group of 23 working women, for the patients and their families battling Covid-19 in Dehradun and Vikasnagar areas. Mobile numbers have been issued by the group for different areas of Dehradun on various social media platforms. The founder of the group is Ms. Priya Gulati.