08-10-2021 : Governor Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Gurmit Singh publicly dedicated the 100 feet National Flag at Dev Sanskriti University complex, Haridwar.

    Publish Date: October 8, 2021

    Raj Bhawan, Dehradun : 08 October, 2021

    Governor Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Gurmit Singh publicly dedicated the 100 feet National Flag at Dev Sanskriti University complex, Haridwar on Friday. Governor offered the prayers at Mahakal Temple at University Complex. Governor also paid floral tribute to Shaurya Deewar at the University complex. Addressing the event, the Governor said that The national flag is a symbol of pride, pride of every Indian. I am also a soldier. If a soldier gets an opportunity to unfurl the tricolor and participate in the proud work associated with the tricolor, then no one can be more fortunate than this.

    Sharing some of my experiences with all of you, I would like to tell you that whenever I used to see the national flag in my childhood, there was a soulful joy and gaiety. Don’t know why, I used to raise my right hand and salute the tricolor.

    Governor said that the nation has always been paramount and national security above all life. I have lived in the role of a soldier, every day the national flag is looked upon with pride by the inner soul. Governor said that Sovereignty and integrity of India and conquering every field and watching the tricolor flutter there is the ultimate goal of every soldier.

    The flag which is waving today has been possible only on the strength of every Indian, soldier, saint and scholar.

    Governor said that every tinkling of the tricolor will keep this Dev-Bhoomi, Sainik bloomi and Tapo Bhoomi connected through a flag of 100 feet.The roots and base of India have been Indian culture and its unique civilization. This tricolor is not only a combination of three colors and the Ashoka Chakra, but also contains the soul, pride, courage, knowledge and might of India in itself. There is also a goal and a source of guidance for us.This flag is not just a flag but an icon, a symbol, an inspiration also.

    The Governor said that The Shaurya Wall in the university is already motivating the students, now the national flag tricolor installed here will also reveal our patriotism far in the heights of the sky.

    Governor said that by amending the National Flag Code in the year 2002 for proper use of the national flag after years of independence, the citizens of India were allowed to fly without any hindrance, not only on national days but also in their homes, offices and factories etc. But National Flag Code should strictly be followed.

    Governor said that Indian culture is the rich culture of the world, in which along with moral values, an ideal way of life is also taught. Culture connects us with education as well as business, environment and other important dimensions of life. Indian culture has all the basic elements that are needed for a cultured and ideal life. It not only gives the experience of material pleasures, but also gives knowledge of higher experiences for spiritual upliftment. Governor said that this university is associated with Indian culture.

    Governor said that “I congratulate the university family that you are determined to fulfill the dream of a civilized and cultured society that Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya ji had seen. My best wishes to the students here that they can achieve their set goals by completing their education with full devotion.

    Governor said that it is the spirit of nationalism and our faith and dedication towards Mother India that has given Indian culture the status of the oldest culture in the world. Ancient Greek, Egyptian and our Indian culture is still intense and stunning. It is the courage and valor of our brave soldiers that has made us more and more powerful as a great nation.

    Governor said that “all of you have learned the lesson of knowledge and value of life on the soil of Uttarakhand. Therefore, it is your moral obligation that your role should be important in the development of the state. Wherever you live, wherever you work, keeping alive the human values like love, compassion, non-violence, cooperation, work as the brand ambassador of Devbhoomi, this is my highest expectation of you”.