07-03-2022:Governor has congratulated and extended best wishes to all the women of Uttarakhand on International Women’s Day.

    Publish Date: March 7, 2022

    l Women of Uttarakhand must be given credit for their contribution – Governor Lt Gen Gurmit Singh (Retd)

    l Women empowerment campaign should not be limited to 8 March only – Governor

    l All the Possible cooperation will be ensured by Raj Bhawan to encourage girl child education and women empowerment – Governor

    l Release of the first issue of Raj Bhawan magazine “Nanda” on International Women’s Day on March 8

    l The magazine “Nanda” dedicated to the women of Uttarakhand

    Rajbhawan, Dehradun, March 07, 2022

    Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd) has congratulated and extended best wishes to all the women of Uttarakhand on International Women’s Day. The Governor said that International Women’s Day, dedicated to women empowerment and their rights, is not only important for women, but also holds equal importance for men for the balanced and all-round development of the entire society.

    Governor said that women can be made truly empowered and self-reliant only by providing good education, skill development and adequate opportunities. We have to create a culture and environment in which women have complete freedom to make decisions. The economic empowerment of women is their real empowerment. Even for gender equality, society needs improvement in thinking, traditions, values and culture.

    Governor said that hardworking and courageous women of Uttarakhand, have contributed significantly in the development and progress of the state. The role of the brave women here has also been very important in the Uttarakhand state movement. Due to the migration of men for employment in the state, women became the backbone of the social and economic structure of the state. In the difficult geographical conditions in the mountainous regions, women worked for their homes, villages and farms. The Governor said that it is necessary for the women of Uttarakhand to get due credit for their hard work, sacrifice and struggle. We are grateful and indebted to them.

    Governor said that commendable work is being done by women self-help groups in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand. Self-help groups are becoming a new medium of economic self-reliance of women. Women Self Help Groups need to be empowered even more. Women are making remarkable contribution in every field including employment generation, organic farming, tourism in the state.

    Governor said that the goal of women empowerment can be achieved only by encouraging the education of the girl child. Even today, due to social discriminations , there are many challenges in front of the education of the girl child. Good education of the girl child can be ensured only by the coordinated efforts of the government and the society. Governor said that all possible help would be provided by Raj Bhawan to encourage girl child education on priority basis. Effective work is being done in this direction through efforts like organizing seminars on women empowerment, self-defense training for girls, financial assistance to the education of meritorious girls.

    Governor said that women empowerment should not be limited to 8 March only. Women empowerment is a continuous mission till the required changes happen in the society.