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    Uttarakhand: Inspiring Initiatives published by Raj Bhawan, Uttarakhand, is a pictorial account depicting the steps taken for the forward growth of this upcoming state of Uttarakhand that has a wealth of biodiversity and a wonderful workforce, besides being a treasure house of natural splendor. The author has captured in it, Hon’ble Governor’s journey so far, in the context of developmental aspects of the state while aiming to stress upon the spheres that could make Uttarakhand a model state worth emulating.

    Hon’ble Governor’s keen interest in developing the State as a hub of excellence in higher education is quite visible and has been discussed at length in this work. Despite having eleven state Universities, problems existed in the sphere of higher education in the state. This propelled Hon’ble Governor to take a number of initiatives as Chancellor of these Universities to motivate the Vice Chancellors, the teaching staff, research scholars and students. A number of competitions and awards were instituted and duly publicized to encourage students, teacher and research scholars to do their best. Filing of patents was also encouraged through applied research.

    The work done, under Hon’ble Governor’s directions, to enhance and enrich the Raj Bhawan at Dehradun and Nainital, also finds place in the book. Stress has been laid upon promoting Uttarakhand as a “Flower State” and a destination for medical, spiritual and adventure tourism. The importance of Yoga for our state and its role in making Uttarakhand a destination for people from all over the world has also been emphasized.

    The book highlights the Hon’ble Governor’s endeavors to ensure all-round progress of the beautiful and unique Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.


    Uttarakhand__Inspiring_Initiatives (PDF 6.5 MB)



    • Author : Rajbhawan Uttarakhand, Dehradun
    • Language : English
    • Year : 2018