Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA)

    Highlights of Achievements during the last 5 years

    1. Seven Certifying Authorities (CAs) were renewed licence to issue Digital signature Certificates (DSC) to subscribers.
    2. The online electronic service eSign was started in July 2015. Five CAs have been empanelled as eSign Service Providers (ESP) to provide online electronic signature service to subscribers.
    3. The total number of Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) issued by all licensed CAs during the last 5 years is more than 10.15 Million.
    4. The total number of eSign (online electronic signatures) issued is more than 48.80 Million by all licensed ESPs/CAs during the last 5 years.
    5. More than 30 PKI Workshops/Seminars were conducted in various States/UTs and a total number of 10,000 participants attended the workshop.
    6. The Time Stamp Service (TSS) was launched by CAs from December 2014.
    7. The Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) service was started from October 2017.
    8. Supervision & monitoring of CAs were carried out as per the provision of the IT Act, 2000.
    9. CCA guidelines viz. Identity Verification Guidelines (IVG), Inter-Operability Guidelines (IOG), e-Authentication guidelines for eSign was published and subsequently reviewed and updated from time to time.
    10. New set of Auditors to audit physical & technical infrastructure of Certifying Authorities was empanelled and the list was published on CCA’s website.
    11. A series of newspaper advertisements for generating awareness about Digital Signatures, online electronic signatures (eSign) and various aspects of the usage of digital signatures have been published.
    12. Digital Locker Authority (DLA) website was launched in Jan 2017. Various framework documents were prepared for licensing Digital Locker Service Providers (DLSPs) and empanelling Third Party Repositories. Workshops were held for the benefit of potential DLSPs & Repositories.