27-10-2021:Governor reached the district Pauri as per his two-day program on Wednesday.

    Publish Date: October 27, 2021

    Rajbhawan, Dehradun, 27 October, 2021

    Governor Lieutenant General Shri Gurmit Singh (Retd) reached the district Pauri as per his two-day program on Wednesday. Governor will meet with DM, SSP, all district level officers, public representatives, representatives of non-governmental organizations, woman self-help groups and common people.

    Governor Shri Gurmit Singh before leaving for Pauri, said that although he has commanded Battalion as a commanding officer in Uttarakhand’s banbasa, but to know Uttarakhand more in a better way it is necessary to visit every district. Governor Shri Gurmit Singh has requested that the local people should meet him. Governor is eager to meet common people. He wants to know the public’s reality on the grassroot level. If a citizen did not get opportunity to meet the governor during this program, then he can later contact the governor. People can also meet the Governor at Raj Bhawan Dehradun or tell their problems by writing letter. He is dedicated to the service of Uttarakhand. Significantly, although Governor Shri Gurmit Singh had recently taken stock of the disaster in the state through the aerial survey, but he will assess the ground level situation under the district programs. After this, Governor will meet the Chief Minister of the state and will give necessary suggestions in the interest of state.

    Governor Shri Gurmit Singh said that it is better to know ground reality rather than seeing thousands of photos of disaster. So this tour is important. Governor Lieutenant General Shri Gurmit Singh likes to connect with people as much due to being a military officer. He wants to know people’s problems, challenges, aspirations and expectations. He wants to make a sincere relationship with every citizen of the state.