16-12-2021:Governor interacting with Trainee Deputy Superintendents of Police of Uttarakhand Police, at Raj Bhavan.

    Publish Date: December 16, 2021

    Rajbhawan, Dehradun, 16 December, 2021

    What are the challenges before the police in the coming five years? Who are the three big heroes of Uttarakhand Police over a period of 21 years who should be considered as role models for new police officers? What kind of transformation does policing need in the coming times? What are the three tasks that should absolutely not be done by police officers and jawans? Are you satisfied with the training you got at Narendra Nagar Police Training College? Which three things should be changed in police training? How was your training in cyber crime? What are the challenges of police women officers? Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd) asked these questions to 18 trainee Deputy Superintendents of Police of Uttarakhand Police in a program organized at Raj Bhawan.

    This trainee of Uttarakhand Police Service, after completing their training from Deputy Superintendent of Police, Narendranagar Police Training College, had come to the Raj Bhawan to pay a courtesy call to the Governor. In response to a question by Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd) regarding infrastructure improvement in Police Training College, Narendranagar, a lady Deputy Superintendent of Police suggested that synthetic track, swimming pool etc. should be arranged in Police Training College. Regarding the challenges before the police in the coming times, the trainee officers said that cyber crime and less workforce in the police is a big challenge. We have to prepare for this. Basic training is given during police training regarding cyber crime. Regarding the change in policing, the trainees said that there has not been much change in the police laws, but the working style of the police is changing. Especially in the context of Uttarakhand Police, it is working on the concept of friendship. Due to the challenge of social media, every activity of the police is being monitored. There is a complaint cell for everything. The police have to understand the sentiments of the people and become a people friendly police. Another trainee suggested in relation to police transformation that adequate budget should be arranged for modernization in the police. Modernization should also be done from the lower level such as police station and post level. A woman trainee officer said that the police will have to work politely with the common people. The people of the state are educated, aware and full of self-esteem. Another trainee officer said that teamwork has great importance in policing today where everyone is moving towards individuality. In a small budding state like Uttarakhand, corruption can become a hindrance in its progress. For the development of the state, the officers will have to work with honesty, integrity and dedication.

    Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd) told the newly appointed police officers that the fear of police uniform should be instilled among the criminals only, a sense of security should be created among the common people by seeing the police. The police service you joined is challenging. You have to help the poor instead of the influential. Stick to your professionalism. You young police officers are the strength of the nation. Today there is a need for proactive policing and intectual policing. To prevent crime from happening, it is necessary to educate and make people aware. Police officers should challenge themselves and try to do excellent work.