13-12-2021 : Governor participated in the “75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and Festival of Academic Excellence of Library and Information Science Department” organized in New Delhi as the chief guest.

    Publish Date: December 13, 2021

    Rajbhawan, Dehradun, 13 December, 2021

    Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd) said that the ancient knowledge-sciences, Vedas, Upanishads, texts, culture and civilization of India should be documented in the libraries and the libraries should be the centers of preservation of our ancient knowledge-science, civilization and culture. Libraries should be established as an archive houses of our ancient Indian culture and knowledge. Through libraries, the new generation can be made aware of ancient knowledge and science. In order to preserve our ancient texts and literature, it is also necessary to digitize them. We also have to take care of information security, so that the our ancient knowledge is not destroyed.

    The Governor said that the library is an educational democracy. Our libraries are effectively discharging their social and educational responsibilities. Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh (Retd) participated in “Celebrating 75th years of Excellence in Higher education and Research” organized by the Department of Library and Information Science of University of Delhi at Delhi University in New Delhi on Monday. Addressing the event, the Governor said that libraries have played important role in the promotion of education. Our libraries are vast storehouse of knowledge and information. Information and knowledge are not needed only by the students. Administrators, managers, entrepreneurs, tourists, journalists, researchers, even farmers, workers working in factories and fields and common citizens also need information according to their needs. In today’s era of internet, digitization and mobile culture, information and knowledge are present at our finger tips all the time, but the importance of libraries has not diminished anywhere. Governor appealed to the youth to inculcate the habit of reading books. Good books can be friend, guide, teacher and guardian. Books play a big role in giving knowledge as well as in building character and boosting confidence. Present books to each other as a gift. Governor Lt Gen Gurmit Singh (Retd) while sharing his experiences said that libraries had a special importance in our school life. We had affectionate relationship with the librarians. They used to give proper guidance to the students regarding the books. A discipline is also seen in the library, but along with discipline in the libraries, it is also necessary to have an active and lively environment.

    The Governor said that the libraries are important contributor to formal and informal education. Especially in informal education, students are not able to take much help of teachers, in such a situation, library can be their biggest helper and guide. In such a situation, public libraries have a special responsibility. They serve all the people of the society. We know how important research is for the progress of the country and the world today. Information, knowledge, records are very necessary for research. In such a situation, for the researchers, the library is no less than a boon. Libraries also play an important role in the intellectual development of the students.

    The Governor said that with the passage of time, our libraries will have to be connected with modern technology, digitalization, IT, biggest data analytics, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. The new generation will have to be encouraged to use libraries more along with online studies. Ancient Indian knowledge and science will play an important role in re-establishing India as a Vishva guru. Library and librarian are information warriors. They are our helpers and guides. It is a good thing that nowadays the libraries have become digital and available in our mobile. Due to the information revolution, the younger generation has easily got access to the vast store of knowledge. Our libraries are proving to be very helpful for the financially weaker and talented students. They can do their studies and preparation for prestigious exams in libraries.

    On this occasion Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal Union Minister, Prof. Yogesh Singh VC Delhi University, Prof.VS. Chouhan Chairman NAAC, Prof. PC Joshi, Vice-Chancellor Delhi University, Prof. I. M. Kapahi, Prof. Suman Kundu, Director Southern Campus, Prof. Balram Pani Dean College, Dr. Vikas Gupta, Registrar, Shri Avinash ji, General Secretary National Sikh Sangat Swami Rameshwaranand, Head Nirmal Ashram Shri Santosh Taneja, Famous educationist Sardar Raja Iqbal Singh, Mayor North Delhi, Professors, Principal and Students were present.