08-10-2021:Governor attended the 10th EXCEED Environment and Conference on “Environmental Management during and after COVID-19”

    Publish Date: October 8, 2021

    Rajbhawan, Dehradun 08 October, 2021

    Governor Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Gurmit Singh attended the 10th EXCEED Environment and CSR Awards and Conference on “Environmental Management during and after COVID-19” at a local hotel in Rajpur Road as the Chief Guest on Friday

    Addressing the program, Governor Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Gurmitt Singh said that today we all have gathered here to discuss the issues of management and solution of the most burning problems of the world. The topic is very important for every person. By organizing this conference, there will be some important discussion in the interest of every individual and institutions affected by Covid and beneficial points will come. This initiative, operation, solution is definitely moving in the right direction. This effort will take every Indian to a different direction, speed, level.

    Governor said that every problem can be solved, only the thought of getting out of the problem should be there. Once we decide to find a solution, then we start getting solutions to all the difficulties. The Governor said that Covid gave us many lessons. We came up with our own solutions. We became self-sufficient in manufacturing vaccines. The number of vaccinations has reached more than 100 crores. Efficient management, thinking and leadership is the reason of this. We made a record of more than two crores vaccinations in a day. Yesterday, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicated 35 PAS oxygen plants across the country from the city of Yoga, spirituality, Rishikesh.

    Governor said that the theme of today’s conference is ‘Environmental Management after Corona’ is important and This is a good thought. We all saw that there was immense loss of human life due to Covid, but whatever equipment is being used and being done to protect human life, nature and environment have also been contaminated by these materials in large quantities. It has entered the environment. Due to the lack of proper disposal of masks, face shields, PPE kits, sanitizers and other items which are used for human protection, The burden of pollution is increasing in nature, which is a matter of concern for every intellectual. The Governor said that the Corona pandemic has posed many difficult challenges in front of the entire world and society. The whole world has been affected by this. There is no such class in India which has not been

    directly or indirectly affected by the corona epidemic.

    Governor said that we have experienced how every small and big industry was affected by Corona; Environmental protection is the responsibility of all the people. Every citizen has to think and act for its safety.Governor said that we all had heard, understood and learned many words of protection, self-defense etc. till 02 years ago. After the arrival of Corona, all of us have learned about health protection.

    Governor said that the Central and State Governments have certainly made better management and policy formulation to strengthen the health sector and enterprises. We now face the challenge of making human health, environment and industries are as strong as ever. It is expected that the scholars attending this conference will throw light on the above things and share a balanced policy and measures, which can become the world’s best management policy from an environmental point of view after the Corona crisis. Governor said that after Corona, when the whole world is looking for ways to deal with the economic crisis, then as a result of the policy reforms made by the government in the direction of direct investment in India, investment facilities and easy measures to do business in the country. There has been an increase in FDI inflows. Accepting all the challenges again, we are moving ahead in the social, economic and industrial health sector with strong intentions, overcoming every difficulty of the new environment. Governor said that what we have done in the health sector facilities, the whole world has seen how to manufacture ventilators as per requirement, manufacture indigenous Covid vaccines and we have done the world’s largest vaccination campaign. Corona taught us to be organized, to be safe with discipline, not to give up patience, to cooperate with the weak. The pandemic has explained the importance of technology, it is highly commendable that many industries have taken initiatives towards environmental protection, adopting smart technology like Digitization,

    Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation and Internet of Things.

    Governor said that we have to encourage new ideas and inventions in the industries. Efforts have to be made to minimize energy consumption. Air and water pollution, solid waste must be properly disposed off. Hope our collective awareness and vigilance will not allow the dreadful picture of Corona to enter the country again. With this conference, we will be able to Encouraging eco-friendly traditions in the industries, will be successful in establishing coordination between the environment and industries affected by the corona epidemic.It is noteworthy that the unit ‘Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam’ of the Sustainable Development Foundation is engaged in the work of social upliftment since the year 2007.

    Sustainable Development Foundation President Rajiv Babbar and other members were present in the program.