03-06-2021: Governor extended birthday wishes to Swami Chidanand Saraswati.

    Publish Date: June 3, 2021

    Rajbhawan Dehradun June 03, 2021

    Governor Smt. Baby Rani Maurya on Thursday late evening wished Swami Chidanand Saraswati of Parmarth Niketan on his 69th birthday. He participated in the program through virtual medium. The Governor wished Swami Chidanand Saraswati ji a healthy and long life. Addressing the program, the Governor said that it was our heartfelt wish to get your blessings by spending a few moments in your company, but due to the global pandemic Corona, this is not possible for all of us, but technology In this age, we are able to take your blessings right from afar.
    Governor Smt. Maurya said that he sees the Param Seva Abhiyan and the works of charity being run by Pujya Swamiji every day. People must have got life from the works of human service and charity in the Corona crisis by Swamiji.
    The Governor said that the second day of Swamiji’s Prakatya Utsav is World Environment Day, for which he extended his best wishes to the entire Parmarth Niketan family.
    The Governor said that tree plantation, Ganga cleanliness campaign in the direction of environmental protection by Parmarth Niketan is inspiring for the public. Ganga Action Parivar by Pujya Swamiji is a world wide family of scientists, engineers, experts, volunteers and devotees who are committed to make the water of Mother Ganga pure and uninterrupted. The work undertaken by Ganga Action Parivar is multifaceted and comprehensive.
    The Governor said that Swamiji’s attachment towards religion from an early age, the quality of human service and expression in different languages ​​makes personality effective. Swamiji was honored with various awards on many occasions, but without being affected by these, Swamiji is doing selfless service to mankind on the path of Sanyas and is inspiring his disciples all over the world for service.
    The Governor said that Swamiji is the founder President of Divine Shakti Foundation, which is dedicated to harnessing the energy, power and ability of women. This foundation supports abandoned, orphaned boys and girls, schools and poor women in their aid and education. This organization also organizes free health camps in hilly areas where health facilities are not available.
    Governor Smt. Maurya appealed to every servant and disciple involved in Prakatya Diwas and said that the Corona crisis has not ended yet. Experts have also given prior warning of the third wave of corona, which has been said to be worrying for our children, in such a situation, we all have to do whatever is possible at our level. It is necessary to keep the children safe and save their lives. Have to do it now. All the resources needed should be prepared in advance when innocent children are suffering and in this your organization will support the state in the front line as always.