Important Orders


Order Number and Date Subject
No. 2770(1)/G.S(Estab.)/A-753/2011,25.10.2011 (490 KB) PIO & APIO's nomination in Governor Secretariat
No. 2532(1)/G.S(Estab.)/C-97(1)/2011,10.10.2011 (1015 KB) Driver selected for Governor's Household.
No. 2533(1)/G.S(Estab.)/C-97(1)/2011, 10.10.2011 (993 KB) Drivers selected for Governor's Secretariat
No. 1204/G.S./A-753/2010, dt. 20.07.2010 (178 KB) Regarding PIO's nomination in Governor's Secretariat
No. 223/G.S./Education/B.Ed.-Affiliation/2010, dt. 20.04.2010 (404 KB) Regarding Temporary B.Ed. affiliation to Institutes/Colleges

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